Nanotechnology in Medical Science

There are plenty of examples where nanotechnology is being applied to cure cancer and other diseases. Here are some recent ones: Alzheimer's disease, Lung disease, Common causes of blindness, Acne, Nanotechnology's role in HIV AIDS treatment, Dendrimer nanomedicine – developing efficient therapeutic strategies for the treatment of neurological disorders.

The most significant impact of nanomedicine is expected to be realized in drug delivery and regenerative medicine. Nanoparticles enable physicians to target drugs at the source of the disease, which increases efficiency and minimizes side effects. Using nanoparticle contrast agents, images such as ultrasound and MRI have a favourable distribution and improved contrast. In cardiovascular imaging, nanoparticles have potential to aid visualization of blood pooling, ischemia, angiogenesis, atherosclerosis, and focal areas where inflammation is present.